Our Business

Apparel Galaxy is a state of art apparel supply chain solution provider in Bangladesh. It is a One Stop souring center, providing the complete designing, manufacturing and logistics solutions for all kinds of clothing products and for any types of buyer. The whole process of its business operations has been divided and handed over to the multiple departments as described in below:

Merchandising Department: Merchandising department is the heart to the company. Apparel Galaxy has several qualified, experienced and dynamic Merchandisers, who are responsible:

 To understand the needs of the customer.
 Selecting the best suited factory for manufacturing the products of the customers as per the specification.
 Negotiate with the factory and raw materials suppliers to make the product at the best possible of cost.
 Make sample by the factory and get it approved by the buyer.
 Source quality raw materials and make it available for factory on time.
 Supervise the factory for aligning the production with the delivery schedule.
 Arrange inspection to make the customers assured about the quality of the finished products.
 Manage the logistics to get the products delivered on time in its destination.


Quality Control Department: The role of Quality Controller (QC) is extremely important to the Apparel Galaxy as supplying the highest quality of product is the core objective of the company. Ensuring the quality maintenance in every level of the production is the prime task of the Quality Control team. Having this in the mind, the Quality Control team of the Apparel Galaxy was carefully developed by hiring the highly experienced and qualified employees. The Quality Control team uses the international standard testing lab facilities in Dhaka to test the raw materials regularly in order to protect the highest quality promises of the Apparel Galaxy to its customers.

Commercial Department: Commercial team accomplishes the documentation formalities in order to expedite the shipment procedures. Apart from that, this department collaborates with Bank and other Stake Holders for monitoring the financial matters along with other documentation formalities.

Design and Development Department: This department facilitates the design and developments of a new product through the most creative and innovative fashion designers within the country and abroad. These designers develop new products keeping their eyes to the fast changing fashion trends of across the world. Our cost effective design and development solution is a proven convenient alternative to many of our buyers when designing and developing a products is required.

Technical Department: Apparel Galaxy has a team of Textile Engineers, who support the manufacturing division or other departments with their broad theoretical and practical knowledge about the product and industry. Often this support turns out very crucial in many stage of the production.

Support Departments: Apart from these specific technical departments, Apparel Galaxy has also some others general support departments likes; Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Legal, IT, etc. All these departments collectively work together to maintain the promises of the Apparel Galaxy which it makes to its customers as well as to reach on its vision to make the company as one of the leader in the industry.