What we do

1. Collaboration: We do collaborate with our customers to understand their needs and try to formulate the best possible way to fulfill these needs.

2. Development: With the information about the needs of the customers, we innovate and develop the superior product, which cater our customer needs with a great amount of satisfaction. Later we convert these developments into the Technical Specification for its manufacturing execution.

3. Sourcing: We source and do partnership with the best manufacturing factories along with sourcing the best quality of raw materials from the proven suppliers for manufacturing the products which meet our highest quality promises.

4. Supervision: Our quality control team constantly supervises in every sphere of the manufacturing process to make a product defect free and at highest quality. All the sourced raw materials will have gone through a stringent quality testing procedures by this team.

5. Deliver: Apparel Galaxy understands the importance of delivering the product on time as per specification to its destination. Thus we take all the remedy in advance so that the shipment of the goods would not get delay for a single day. Hence, delivering the goods on time required a team effort and Apparel Galaxy knows well to maintain this accurately.