Our Values

Apparel Galaxy follows its Principles and Code of Conduct strictly in business, which were developed considering the following responsibilities of the company:

1. Responsibility to the Customer.
2. Responsibility to the People and Society.
3. Responsibility to the Environment.

Apparel Galaxy believes a sustainable business growth can only be possible through the manner of sustainable business practices. And a sustainable business practices starts with the understanding of the company’s responsibility to the stake holders and continues effort to fulfill this responsibility.

Consumer is the key for any type of business, hence ensuring the safety of the consumer is the prime responsibility of any business. From this understanding, Apparel Galaxy is extremely careful for the safety features of the product it produces. So, undoubtedly Apparel Galaxy’s products are ‘Safe to Wear’.

Maintaining the compliance in the Manufacturing Process and Ethical Business Practices are given the highest emphasis in the business practices of the Apparel Galaxy. Thus all the products sourced through Apparel Galaxy are ‘Right to Wear’.

Apparel Galaxy follows the Environmental Sustainable Standard in every stage of the manufacturing process and this leads its product ‘Green to Wear’.