Why Bangladesh

1. Bangladesh has long history in the Textile and Garments Industry.

2. Bangladesh is the 2nd largest Apparel Exporter of the world and proceeding towards becoming the number 1.

3. Bangladesh has more than 5000 factories with modern machineries and most of the factories are maintaining International Compliance Standard and obtain certification from different International Certification body.

4. Bangladesh is having the highest number of skilled and cost effective workers in comparison with the other apparel manufacturing and exporting countries.

5. Bangladesh Government gives the highest priority and support to the garments industry which ensure smooth business and industry operation.

6. The geographic position of Bangladesh along with its own Sea Port leads to a quick and fast shipment of the goods.
7. Existence of the total backward linkage industry within the country facilitate to reduce both lead time and cost of the production immensely.

8. The country is having adequate infrastructure to support the Industry.