Management Profile


Ziaur Rahman, a dynamic young entrepreneur in Bangladesh is the Chairman of the Apparel Galaxy Ltd. Upon completion of his graduation from one of the prestigious University of the country, he dives to the business arena of several diversified sectors. His passion about the fashion from the very early age and contribution of the garments industry to the socio-economic condition of his country had motivated him to involve in the RMG Industry.

Mr. Ziaur has also completed the International Diploma in Supply Chain Management from International Trade Center (ITC), Geneva-Switzerland. His knowledge and education in the arena of Supply Chain Management helping Apparel Galaxy to be a superior Apparel Supply Chain Solution provider.



Managing Ddirector

Muhammed Shobuz Ahamed Khan is the Managing Director of Apparel Galaxy Ltd., is a vibrant and self motivated personal to ensure the overall development goals of the organization. He has completed his study in UK and used to work for a reputable UK based clothing retailer for some good number of years. He is enthusiastic and ambitious to establish the garments industry which would contribute to his country’s economy and create employment.

He has vast knowledge and experience about Apparel Merchandising. Apart from this, he is also partly qualified chartered accountant. Thus the overall knowledge and experience of himself has been contributing the company immensely in order to achieve its goals. His profile has been helping the company to gain the confidence of the customers.